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2019 and a very exciting new challenge for Wanawake kwa Wanawake, Nairobi.

Welcome to 2019.
We would like to bring you up to date on some of the happenings at the WkW Centre in Nairobi and hope you enjoy reading our news.

In 2019 there are 84 Students in Primary School; 117 Students in Secondary School and 57 doing Post Secondary studies.

In December, we had a wonderful response from sponsors and friends of Women for Women in Africa to our Christmas Appeal for ‘Christmas meals’ for the families of Kibera. More than $13,000 was raised in ‘meals’ for families and gifts for sponsored children. All this was sent to WkW and was distributed before Christmas, right up to Christmas eve and I believe some late donations were given out after Christmas, ensuring that families had a good meal over this time.

Many women received food packages that, though heavy, they lugged through the Kibera slum, often helped by small children. No package was too heavy and was received with smiles and thanks. Many children received gifts of clothing from money sent and one little girl expressed her delight in getting a ‘new pair of shoes’, having never owned new shoes before. The staff of WkW (Leonida, Ben, Humphrey, Kevina, Daniel & Evaline) thank you for your generosity in remembering these families at a time when family is very important.


The children have now returned to school. The primary students were back in school the first week in January and the secondary two weeks later. All the children who attended the Frank Chappell Informal School gained sponsorship so were able to begin their secondary education. They were all placed in good boarding schools and went off so happy knowing that their education was safe and supported by great Australians. The results for the children doing their Primary School (KCPE) year 8 examinations were excellent with a boy and a girl getting high distinctions – the boy topped the examination for the whole of Kenya with 5th place, making headlines in the newspaper that a boy of Kibera had achieved this amazing result, not only a boy from Kibera, but one of our boys.

The Secondary Education results were also good with every child passing and some doing very well. Most of these children had poor primary education resulting from not being able to attend school, because of lack of funds, so getting to year 12 can be a struggle and is not done without determination and a lot of hard work. We congratulate all our students on their achievements and wish them well for the future. We also thank all the sponsors who have made this happen.

Lydiah Nyanduko is in need of Sponsorship

At the present time the Frank Chappell Informal School has been closed. It is not an formal school, rather a gap year for students who do not have the money to go on to secondary school and so require sponsorship. However, it seems that the government requires all places of education to be registered. It is doubtful that a one year informal school with 20 students would get registration but Wanawake kwa Wanawake is concerned that there may be legal consequences and so has closed the school. Early this year there were 6 students already attending the school and 70 had registered for consideration. The 6 students have been placed in secondary school, one is already sponsored and it is hoped the other 5 will receive immediate sponsorship. WkW is looking at the best ways of providing education support to these children.

Lydiah Nyanduko is one of these children. Lydiah Nyanduko is a very respectful and well behaved girl who lives with her aunt at a place in Kibera. Lydiah is 13 years old. Lydiah has both parents, her mother sells vegetables back in the village while the father is a motorbike rider. Lydiah comes from a family of 5 children and she is a 2nd born child, her elder sister is in secondary school. She scored 315 marks in last year’s KCPE examination. Because of the little income that the family earns, they could not afford to take her to secondary school. Her aunt came to look for a vacancy at our informal school so that Lydiah can be supported to join high school. Lydiah has a dream of becoming a doctor, and through this she will be able to support her family and other needy people in the society.


The Dream is Becoming a Reality!

Last year a property was purchased close to the WkW Centre for use as a ‘safe house’ for orphans and children at risk. Whilst the house is in good condition it needs to be upgraded and extended to accommodate 20 children and a carer. Over the past months, the Nairobi architect has worked with WkW staff and the Board of WFWIA to finalise the plans for the house. The plans are all ready to go to tender and so renovations and building will begin in a couple of months It’s a very exciting and much needed venture as the number of ‘children at risk’ increases daily. The house has not been left empty as some of our girls, over the Christmas period who have no home, have enjoyed the comforts of having a house that is safe, comfortable, their own bed and with water and electricity. Most of these girls will now be returning to their tertiary boarding facilities. To date the house is fully paid for because of a very generous donation and there has been some minor fundraising. We are hoping that we can raise the remainder of the money needed, probably about $350,000 this year and that will include the setting up costs and the first year of maintenance ‘Donations to the ‘safe house’ are tax deductible and donors can have naming rights for rooms or just buy a $20 brick” …knowing that they are giving a home to children who will ‘fall through the cracks’ if they are not cared for and are given a safe roof and an opportunity for life.


Your Sponsored Child

Women for Women in Africa Foundation is a completely volunteer charity so that all money raised for sponsorship, families and the Wanawake kwa Wanawake organisation can be sent to Nairobi where it is used wisely, for the nominated purpose and accounted for every month.

The staff at WkW are totally committed to the education and wellbeing of every child, and is in constant contact with the school and the child.

If at any time, you would like to know anything about your sponsored child please do not hesitate to ask me on marguerite@womenforwomeninafrica.org.au and I will get a quick response for you. Also you should receive at least one letter every year from your child so you know that he or she is doing his/her best and very grateful for your generous support.


TELL A FRIEND: Please tell a friend or a relative what we are doing – if everyone was able to bring a friend on to our data base that would be wonderful, and they can enjoy the friendship of a child in Nairobi or be part of a house that will bring safety and care into the lives of small children.


HELP: If you would like to help in any way or offer fundraising suggestions, we would love to hear from you. The Board is not able to do this on our own, we need lots of help and lots of friends.

If you have changed your email or address please advise Catherine: admin@womenforwomeninafrica.org.au Or you can always contact me: marguerite@womenforwomeninafrica. org.au


Again, thank you! The Board of WFWIA and the Staff of WkW wish you a wonderful, safe and healthy 2019.

Marguerite Ryan AM

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