Annual Reports

WFWIA Annual Reports

Please download and of our recent Women for Women in Africa Foundation Ltd Annual Reports.


The 2016-2017 Annual General Meeting of WFWIA is to be held at:

Stonnington Room @ Menzies Malvern,

1286 High St, Malvern, Victoria,

At 7 pm, Wednesday 24th October 2017

 The following business will transact according to the Constitution of WFWIA:


  1. Chairperson’s welcome:
  2. Apologies:
  3. Minutes of last AGM: (held 26th October 2016)
  4. Business arising from last AGM:
  5. Reports on the year’s activities:
    1. Chairperson’s report
    2. Finance report
    3. Education report
    4. Functions committee report
  1. Election of Directors:
    1. The current retiring Directors Marguerite Ryan, Peter Toms & Glenn Smith offer themselves for re-election to the position of Director.
    2. A special resolution is required to re-elect Marguerite Ryan because she has been a Director for a period of over 9 consecutive years.

The special resolution reads: “That the members of Women for Women in Africa Foundation Ltd agree to re-appoint Marguerite Ryan as a Director despite serving for a continuous period of over 9 years, according to Clause 41.6 of the WFWIA Constitution, because of her exemplary leadership, skills and devotion to Women for Women in Africa Foundation Ltd”

  1. General business:
    1. Appointment of Auditor
    2. Other business

(Refreshments will be available immediately after the meeting).


Nominations are open for election of Directors and close Tuesday 17th October 2017. Nomination Forms are available from the Company Secretary (details below).


  1. Please inform the Company Secretary of your wish to attend or to send your apology.
  2. Only WFWIA Members are allowed to nominate persons for or to become a Director.
  3. Any supporter of WFWIA is entitled to attend the meeting but only WFWIA Members may vote.
  4. A Member may request a Proxy Form from the Company Secretary to vote on any business if they are unable to attend.

 Dr Michael Buckley

Company Secretary WFWIA

Ph: +61 409 614 630

Dated: 17th September 2017

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