Empowering Women – Educating Kibera’s Women

Wanawake Kwa Wanawake supports the educations and skill training of women by giving them the opportunity to learn sewing, dressmaking,  jewellery and bag production.

Counselling and family planning classes are also provided. Recently a group of women who were desperate and alone were able to gather together and receive both food and social support.

Every week up to 50 women gather to use the “Table Top Finance” opportunity that provides loans to women with a repayment scheme. This is run by women.

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Women for Women in Africa Volunteer-teaching-skills-2
Women for Women in Africa Sewing-room-605

Women learning new skills at the WkW Centre

Women For Women In Africa believes the best way to relieve poverty is through education.

You can make a difference today with a small donation, please help.

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