A gift in your Will; a life-changing gift

By making a gift to WFWIA in your Will, you are making an extraordinary life-changing difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in Africa. Your gift will transform children’s lives by giving these children the chance of an education, the only legitimate passport out of the Kibera slum. This is a legacy that you can be justly proud, a life-changing

Your bequest can take many forms: a fixed sum of money; a percentage of your estate; the residue of your estate after providing for family and loved ones; an insurance policy, shares, works of art, or property.

Every bequest, no matter the amount or type, will have a lasting impact on the lives of the children we support.

If you wish you can direct your bequest to a special interest such as: providing furniture/appliances for our Centre and Safe Haven House for homeless girls; sponsoring students for post-secondary education; the purchasing of educational resources such as computers, calculators, text books or school uniforms.

And at all times, WFWIA will ensure that your bequest will be managed with the utmost integrity and due diligence.


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Bequest Form

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