An Update of COVID-19 In Kibera

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An Update of COVID-19 In Kibera.

Written By Ben Msbasa to Marguerite

“The pandemic is now going into its third month.
Most families we serve are jobless now close to three months. Even the ones working as guards have been rendered jobless of late.I know of Abigael wife of Mr. Onduso. The father of Abednego and Christine who recently lost his job as a guard. His wife is always sick. With Four children and one ailing wife and with no job, I am quite sure that soon, they will be thrown out of the house. And this is happening across board. As the Pandemic thrives, there is a new problem between is also arising. That is the inflict tenants and landlords. People are indeed getting very broke and landlords have patient along time. Now, few are beginning to threaten. We are sincerely doing the best we can with the food and non food donations so far. Many families are very grateful for the help.
Three months into the pandemic, there are emerging issues ranging from gender based violence, hunger, unattended health issues, economic strains causing different conflicts like between tenant and landlords where rent has not been paid.
These issues have affected many parts of the country and one hard nut to crack is the conflict between landlords and the tenants which is even more challenging in the informal settlements including Kibera. Many people have lost jobs as many industries have closed or reduced their operations, causal laborers like Single and widowed mothers, and other women for example who wash clothes and engage in domestic chores for income in the Estates are no longer being engaged. This is because there is fear of transmission of the COVID-19 but also the reality of tough economic times for the employers whom some have lost their income and have to cut down on their expenses and since they are at home they can do some of the chores that they usually employed people to do. Men have been equally affected with the industries closing down. They have to think of alternative sources of income but this is not easy. As such there is increased stress and depression in household leading to other consequences as well. It is recently increasing that landlord-tenants conflicts are on the increase and families have been evicted from their houses into the streets causing them to loose even some of their household assets making them to sink deeper in poverty…..
Did you know that in some of Kibera families, masks have become tools of power?
As you may know, most of the times, there is no mask in the houses, and if there is one, the head of the family either the mother or the father is allowed to use the mask at any given time. The child can only borrow the mask when the parent is at home and not walking outside. This is why we do give families masks and recently, the water reservoir supplying water to Nairobi was temporarily closed. Can you imagine? Sanitizers are becoming very important especially to families that spends a lot of money in water for washing hands.
Thank you for all your support and love for us all.
Blessings to you.”


WKW have now started distributing May’s Food Parcels. Unfortunately they have found last month’s parcels was not enough for some families, there were so many variables – children were used to receiving three meals a day and are now having one, other family members needing assistance and so many more reasons. Many families have stretched their monthly pack whilst others have tried so hard but needed a top up that the centre was able to help with.
The team has worked hard and received some donations of food, sanitary items and clothes for children which they have added to the May Packs .

“We were thrilled. We have so many hungry mouths to feed. People have been so kind. Rajinder also gave me 90 masks for our children.” We keep praying that many more people come to our help. ” Leonida.

As you can see the situation in Kibera is dire. We are doing our best to offer as much support and guidance as we can from Australia.
It is very hard to to hear the desperate stories of fear, anguish and hopelessness. The team in WkW is doing its best to support and step up to help when situations occur. They are paying rent when it is desperately needed, clothing children, sourcing supplies and dealing with the government, landlords or police if required.
Unfortunately they can not save everyone from the hardships they face but they are doing there best to do the absolute most they can.
We are so grateful to them.

Many of our sponsors have been so generous already in such difficult circumstances for us all and we are very grateful.
As the situation is ongoing for our families in Kibera we will keep the Disaster Relief Fund open and donations can be made by clicking on the link below. A food pack is $15.00 and the packs are saving children’s lives. Regular monthly donations can be set up through the website if you are able to set aside the cost of a pack or two a month.
Thank you so very much for any donation you are able to make.

Donate here for the Disaster Relief Fund

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