WKW Update February 2021

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We, at Women for Women in Africa, would like to wish all our donors a 2021 happy year free of challenges and disappointments.   
2020 was difficult here in Australia and even more so in Kenya. However, we are very proud to be able to say that except for one student, who has gone to live upcountry with relatives, all the primary, secondary and post secondary students have returned to school. Those in Year 8 and Year 12 will be doing their National Examinations in April. The Year 8 students will then go on to secondary school and the Year 12 will await the results that will determine their future direction. Sponsors of post secondary students will be advised immediately the results are known.We hope that this Kenyan education program for 2021 will continue – it all depends on COVID infections in Kenya as really no one would have any idea of the number who are positive. It costs $120 for a test and that could be rent on a ‘house’ in Kibera for 3 years!

WkW will continue to give food parcels to families and support accommodation and medical treatment, as many parents/guardians are still not able to find a day’s work.

We hope, in the next couple of months, to be able to provide all sponsors with a profile of their sponsored student. These are being prepared by WkW staff now and when available, I will be sending out the Information.  It’s a big job but I will do it as quickly as I can.

We were sad to say goodbye to Sister Kevina Ekal, we wish her well for her studies in Rome. We welcome Sr. Caroline Chemutai, who seems to have settled in well and is ‘enjoying’ or at least ‘experiencing’ the Kibera challenges with a smile.

We thank all sponsors who have renewed their sponsorship for 2021 thus ensuring that their child/children will, once again, be able to go to school. We are also very grateful to all who ensured that the families of Kibera had a special treat or a meal for Christmas. Our very grateful thanks.

I look forward to working with your in 2021 and please remember that I am always happy to receive an email or a phone call from you, should you have any concerns or just want to say hello.

Best wishes for 2021.    Marguerite



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