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Welcome to our first Newsletter edition. We intend to make it a monthly publication and to use it to keep you in touch with the news and all the latest events happening at WKW Centre here in Kibera Kenya. We are delighted to have you as our esteemed reader.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy!

Our centre has various departments; the primary school department which consists of the young ones from pre-school to standard eight, Br. Frank Chappell informal school which comprises of students who have not joined secondary school because of financial challenges and are waiting to get sponsors to help pay for their secondary education, the secondary school department and the post- secondary school department.

Primary section


My name is Michelle Adhiambo. I school at Rudan Junior Academy. I am in class seven next year joining class eight. I am twelve years old. I come from a family of six people. My parents do casual jobs and they earn very little money that cannot be enough to meet all our needs. Sometimes school fees were not available, so I needed to stay at home.

My mother heard about Wanawake Kwa Wanawake foundation where she decided to try her luck and I got sponsored there. Since then, life has really changed. They took me to a good school which am enjoying my studies till now. As for me I have made an oath not to let them down. I am going to work tooth and nail in my studies so that at the end, I can bear good fruits. My dream is becoming a doctor. I would also like to help other children when I grow up. Truly Wanawake Kwa Wanawake has really changed my story.


 Figure 1: Sr. Kevina with some of our primary school pupils during school visitations

Br. Frank Chappell Informal School

During the holiday Wanawake Kwa Wanawake centre is always full of life, the children are all over playing different games but the most important thing that keeps them coming every day is the fact that they will get time to interact and exchange ideas with other kids from different schools and most importantly to get something to eat. The informal students with the help of Dr Sheree who came to visit us during the holiday had a chance of preparing food for the children and the staff of Wanawake Kwa Wanawake. The activity was done with a lot of passion and love and you could tell from their faces they did their best and the food they prepared was super awesome, this indeed will remain a memorable moment for the 2017 informal class. After cooking they were also did the serving of food for over 95 children. The passion the children showed during that activity is enough evidence to show that they are responsible people who can take responsibilities even for their younger siblings at home and they will continue growing as responsible people in our society today.


Figure 2: Dr. Sheree with the informal school students preparing lunch for the children at the centre


At the beginning 2017, we had forty-four students in colleges and universities, taking different courses. This included, sixteen students taking degree courses, sixteen students taking diploma courses, ten students taking certificate and two CPA students.

In the same year, we enrolled fourteen students. Out of these, five are studying degree courses, one diploma, three CPA and five certificate courses. Ten of our students graduated in 2017, three-degree students, five diplomas and two certificates.

Figure: 3. Victoria Akoth; graduate 2017

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