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Some of our wonderful supporters visited the centre and gave us permission to share their thoughts of the day.

“What an incredible day we had yesterday visiting the Wanawake kea Wanawake centre in the Kibera slums of Nairobi. The most humbling experience meeting the beautiful children and women of this district that is run by Leonida and her incredible staff. The centre was started by Marguerite Ryan (from Melbourne) to help provide education (and for some, safety) for the impoverished or destitute children of one of the largest slums in Africa. We were taken by one child to the depths of Kibera in Nairobi to her home to meet her family – her mother who was sick and her six siblings in a tiny shack but all with smiles on their faces- the conditions I cannot describe. We spoke to primary, secondary and tertiary students in the centre who receive sponsorship for their education and are all eternally grateful for the prospect of changing their families lives. Please support Women For Women In Africa I cannot describe in words the work they are achieving.”

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