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Last week we put a urgent callout as our relief fund balance was extremely low and the staff at the WkwW centre were considering only handing out food packs in the school holidays.
This would have meant many families would have no food during the term to feed the children who are not lucky enough to be attending school.

Once again you have stepped up and our wonderful supporters have assisted us.

We had over $14,500 donated last week.
  These donations ensure the food pack program can continue.
   “Thank you to everyone for giving our families food.  We are ordering more food packs to ensure that families will get a month’s food. We are also able to give students and children visiting the Centre a meal and the women who are attending education classes ‘tea’.   
This is indeed wonderful, we are very grateful as so many families are hungry”   



3.5 million people facing extreme hunger and 3.1 million are in desperate need of food aid. 

We cannot assist everyone but your donation can save a family.

We are still taking donations for our relief fund

$40.00 will feed a family for a month.

Please donate by clicking the link below 

Thank you so very much

    Click here to donate to the Relief Fund  


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