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Thank you to all our wonderful donors both from Wanawake kwa Wanawake in Kenya and Women for Women in Africa here in Australia.

There are many coronavirus cases in the Kibera slum with many more undiagnosed, but at this time our very hard working and dedicated staff are safe. They are able to give food parcels to all the children and families they support and for many this is the only food that they receive. As parents/single mothers are unable to find work, many families are facing eviction from their homes, many are fighting to retain a home for their children. We are grateful that some of our sponsors have provided extra so the families can pay their rent, and some of the ‘Relief Fund’ is also being used as no family should be without a roof over their head or having to fight a landlord.


The schools will remain closed until 2021 so the primary and secondary students are still working from their homes with very limited support. The Centre can take some of the more vulnerable children and extra computers are being provided to assist the children. However, this is just a handful of the many students being sponsored to go to school. Most children have to come to the Centre to pick up their work and return it when completed. The WkW staff visit the homes to ensure that the children are safe as some are just ‘disappearing’. Many post secondary colleges/universities are hoping to open up in September, but like here in Australia, nothing is certain.

Usually the children will have written at least one letter to their sponsor this year. Unfortunately this has rarely happened. There is no post and no visitors to bring them to me to send on. The students do not visit the Centre for any prolonged period – they just go to the gate (at an allotted time) to pick up their food and work sheets. They are not able to write letters and the staff are rarely able to provide the sponsored students with the paper etc needed for this exercise.

However, please be assured that every student is receiving food and support not only for themselves but their whole family. They are so grateful and they are trying their very best.

We, at WFWIA, are so grateful to the wonderful donors who have provided food and accommodation through the ‘Relief Fund”.   

Donations have raised more than $106,000.  

Please be assured that it will go in its entirety to Nairobi – no deductions, no salaries, no expenses.

So we join with WkW in saying thank you and we wish you and your families good health and hope that in the near future the sun will shine for us all.

Assante Sana……   Marguerite Ryan AM

As the situation is ongoing for our families in Kibera we are keeping the Disaster Relief Fund open and donations can be made by clicking on the link below.

Thank you so very much for any donation you are able to make.

Disaster Relief Donations
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