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Most students need new uniforms because school begins in the first week of January 2017.

It is a nightmare time for all of the staff at the WkW Centre in Nairobi without the need for new school uniforms. School begins early January for the primary and secondary school students.

Some children might change schools next year. Most grew during the past school year.

It means that all the students require new school uniforms. All 200 of them in primary and secondary! The staff took them shopping over a number of days to local uniform suppliers where the students are fitted out for their uniforms. Most require sports uniforms too.

It’s all very hard when there is only one vehicle at the centre and it was in an accident a few days ago. It needs replacing anyway due to its age.


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You can help our families in Kibera using any of these methods (please make a notation to say your name and cause reason):

  • Direct Debit to: Westpac Bank- BSB 033 059, A/N 660872
  • Cheque to: WFWIA, PO Box 2184, Wattletree Rd PO, VIC 3145

Thank you from all of us at WFWIA.

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