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Thank you and Happy Christmas

On behalf of the Directors of Women for Women in Africa Foundation and the Trustees and Staff of Wanawake kwa Wanawake Kenya, I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

This year has been very difficult in so many ways for so many people. We have struggled here in Australia, but we have been able to curb the virus and we face a bright and open Christmas. Kenya is not quite so lucky. They are still showing many positive Coronavirus cases and as testing is not free, but very expensive, the number is not known.

The small staff and volunteers at the WkW Centre have this year worked miracles. They have fed hundreds of families (and still continue to do so); provided medical care for many adults and children; given accommodation to families unable to work or pay their rent; given counselling to children and adults; set up a computer course open to the people of Kibera and provided education facilities so that the children can use computers, printers, books and the expertise of all staff to maintain contact with their schools, universities and institutions of learning.

Several girls are now living in the ‘Safe House’ that has been renovated and furnished with thanks to the attendees at the two “Gable Luncheon and Fashion Parades” and the many donors who have recognised the need for a secure home for ‘girls at risk’.

They have given their all.  It has not been easy. Post-secondary students have returned to their studies online and are very grateful to have been provided with laptops or phones from their sponsors or the WFIWIA fund.  They hope to return physically to their institution in 2021.

There will be four terms in schools next year starting on 4th January. This is to give all students the opportunity to catch up on any studies that they have missed out on.  Our students have been fortunate to have the use of computers and phones but thousands of poor Kenyan students have not been so lucky, so to give all students the opportunity to reach the same level, the students will remain in their present class for the first term of 2021 and will then proceed to the next class after April.  The Year 8 and Year 12 students, who have to sit for the National examination will take that examination in April 2021. So, all of this makes for a difficult time for both students and staff who will then have to ensure that the Year 8 students are processed to their Secondary School, and this will be difficult until the marks are known.

I am sorry for the many wonderful sponsors who have, even in these difficult times, continued to support the education of their student and want to know more about their child. It has not been easy to give continuous reports on the children this year and for this, I apologise.  We know that every child, except one, has been able to continue their schooling even in different circumstances and it is hoped that by May 2021, every child will be upgraded to their new class.

We will advise all sponsors, as soon as all the information is to hand, the school, the age and the status of every child – primary, secondary and post-secondary including those who will complete their year 12 in April 2021, thus finishing their education, but with a hope, if possible, to continue on to tertiary studies,  so they can secure the best possible job.
If you are concerned about your sponsored child, please contact me or Catherine Tory on and we will seek advice from the pertinent person at WkW.

We do ask for your patience while WkW works out the education programs of all the students for 2021.
Again, thank you for your wonderful support and the life and hope that you have given the families of Kibera.
As it is often said by staff and families ‘where would we be without WFWIA’.

Marguerite Ryan AM.



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