May Update

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How quickly is this year going!

We are lucky to be almost back to normal here in Australia.
We realise it has been a little quiet for you as supporters, but as a Board we are still working hard to assist the team at WkW.  
Most of the primary and secondary children have gone back to school, but those that completed the national year 8 examination, have to wait till July to start their new secondary school.  
In the meantime classes are being held for them, each day, at the WkW Centre. Plus there are certificated IT Courses being conducted at the Centre for post secondary students. 
The Centre is a very busy place.

The WkW Centre

The centre has once again been a hive of activity. Food parcels are still arriving and being delivered. Families continue to come each month to collect a food parcel as many parents/guardians still are without jobs and struggling to feed and accommodate their families.

The ‘Safe House’

The girls from the ‘Safe House’ have been busy assisting the community over the weekend. They participated in the community clean up exercise and planting trees. The girls are very secure in the house that has become a haven for girls ‘at risk’ or orphans without a safe home.

Floods in Kibera 

The WkW staff team have been busy visiting our families to ensure they are all safe. During the past week, there has been very heavy rain in Nairobi and three people were drowned in the Kibera river.  
Several of our families have lost their homes as they have slid down the hill into the now fast flowing river that is usually regarded just as a ‘creek’. Families are also living in their wet homes with muddy/wet floors and sleeping either on bits of furniture or on wet mattresses.  
WkW is supplying dry mattresses, blankets and food to these families.

A news report from Kibera. Even though we are unable to understand all of the report, the pictures speak for themselves showing the devastation in the area.
Donate to the Disaster Relief Fund here

We have some exciting news! 

Our social committee are thrilled to be back together and working on a function for October. Is has been so long since we have been able to see you all and we are so excited to be organising a fantastic cocktail afternoon at the new Glamp Cocktail Bar!

The space is truly beautiful, the food amazing and we look forward to catching up with you our fantastic sponsors, your families and friends.

More details to follow soon! 
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