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Hello reader!

Welcome to our second newsletter. Here are some of the latest events happening at WKW Centre here in Kibera Kenya. We are delighted to have you as our esteemed reader.


The Informal School

Br Frank Chappell informal school for the year 2018 began towards the end of January after a successful interview. The 2018 class has 17 students; 11 boys and 6 girls. These students sat for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last year and they all scored good marks that can take them to secondary school but unfortunately their parents cannot afford to take them to secondary school due to financial challenges. They therefore have to stay with us at the center as we try to get them scholarship so that they can have a chance to fulfill their educational dream. While at the center for this one year we introduce them to the basic learning and we teach them how to give back to the society through community service. What a brilliant class full of young men and women who have a passion for learning despite their financial challenges.








Families Affected By Fire Get Aid

The families which were affected by the raging fires in January which consumed over 500 slum houses and leaving more than 6000 thousand dwellers are getting material help from WkW (K) Organization. The families were given mattresses, blankets, money for clothes, cereals and each received two months’ rent money. The Families of Kijiji slums and the WkW (K) wishes to send their sincere and deepest gratitude to every individual, family, friends and group who supported them in these very challenging and hard times. They are very humbled with the quick response and love they received.



Wanawake Kwa Wanawake center was honored to receive two visitors in February Marguerite and Pam. Their presence really made a different in our center the children, parents and staff of WkW were humbled to see them again. Marguerite is a mum to many and a great inspiration to thousands of people in Kibera and she has touched their lives through education.  We are really grateful to all our sponsors who sacrifice a lot by giving out part of their resources to ensure that the children of WkW go to school.  During their visit they met and interacted with the children and parents and shared a lot concerning their progress. The women of our center got a chance to interact with Pam and she showed them different embroidery patterns. Pam also bought assorted fabrics for women at the center. Marguerite and Pam planted trees at WkW center as a foundation of the good work they are doing for the children of our organization. It was such a joyful moment meeting as a big family again.



Jikokoa (Stoves) Experience

Our office in Nairobi was humbled to receive money from Graham Clutterbuck for buying stoves (Jikokoa) in Swahili.It all begun with a ‘like’ to an advert aired on a local television- citizen. After watching a comic lady advertise a stove that saves on fuel, little smoke emission, clean stove, non-hot handles etc. Sr. Kevina went to the site clicked it and behold many people liked the idea of the stoves. The stoves are really good and working out for the families that benefitted from it. The stove has many advantages like reduced smoke by 70%, reduced fuel consumption by 50%, cooks more food and is faster, lights faster, portable, easy to clean after use and has two years warranty. Some of the beneficiaries had this to say, that she can cook anywhere she doesn’t mind the smoke because it was just small and unnoticeable. We are so grateful to Graham for making cooking easier in our homes.

Marguerite on her arrival was also touched by the good message about the Jikokoa and she added some ten more stoves, this was really amazing may God bless you all.




















Figure 3: Pam with some of her beneficiaries Centre


















Figure 4: Marguerite, Pam, WkW staff, parents and students at the

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