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ABC Goulburn Murray’s Joseph Thomsen interviewed Leonida Kwamboka about the “Knickers for Nairobi” Campaign started by Graham Clutterbuck from Mt Beauty.

“Knickers for Nairobi” has been a tremendously successful recent campaign where underwear is donated for the girls and women of Kibera.

Graham Clutterbuck began this campaign and it has grown quickly with donations of underwear and assistance in shipping them over to Nairobi. Graham also arranged to have Leonida, the CEO of “Wanawake kwa Wanawake”, interviewed on ABC Goulburn Murray radio.

Not having underwear is a predicament which stops many girls and women from going to school and getting an Glucophage education and causes many other problems we might not have thought about before.

Please listen to Leonida’s interview here.


Leonida talks about “Knickers for Nairobi”

Donate to buy more knickers

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