Kibera’s Flooding Rain – A letter from Marguerite

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Sometimes we might become complacent about what we are doing in Kenya – these are people thousands of miles away – they don’t really need our help.  I hope you will contemplate the comments from Leonida in her email below.

“Greetings from Nairobi.  I pray this finds you in great form. The rains are finally here and it is a bit cooler and less dusty. Phew!  A relieve!

While we celebrate the onset on the long rains, not everybody is celebrating and you will soon see why.

Last night I received calls from some of the families and this morning too Joyce called me. She was desperate. I promised her that as soon as I get to the office I shall ask Ben to go and see her.

I heard so many sad stories today of the devastating effects of the rains. That was only day one of the rains.

We tried to help in whichever way we could, especially giving out food.

Please read the attached report prepared by Ben after the visit.

Thanking you in advance for taking your time to read.



Many will know of Maureen, Joseph and Joyce; they are part of WkW today….Joyce has been our friend for 10 years now – years and years of setbacks, she still keeps going and always with a smile – sometimes a bit wan but still a smile.  But these are just three of the hundreds of families that are ‘our families’.   I can only imagine the smell and the devastation and what it will mean to the people – apart from the homes being unsafe, there will be sickness and a lack of food.   The children are home from school so where will they go? The WkW Centre will be their haven.

As Leonida has said – thank you for reading this.

Kibera’s Flooding Rain – A letter from Marguerite

The rains have come and now we have flooding at Kibera.

Please Donate

DONATE to help our families who are affected by these rains in Kibera, please use any of these methods (please make a notation to say ‘flood relief‘):

  • Direct Debit to: Westpac Bank- BSB 033 059, A/N 660872
  • Cheque to: WFWIA, PO Box 2184, Wattletree Rd PO, VIC 3145

Thanking you sincerely,

Marguerite Ryan AM

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