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Food Crisis in Kibera
Since the beginning of Covid the WkW Centre has continued to offer support to the families from Kibera in the form of food packs. Your generosity during the last emergency relief was amazing, but that was over a year ago and the funds are now running low. Just like we are experiencing in Australia, the cost of food in Kibera has increased beyond the reach of many. 
“Times are so hard here as prices of even basic commodities have skyrocketed. People can`t even afford food. I feel like running away and hiding in a hole because the requests are too many.” 

 The staff have been giving food packs monthly to families but are now forced with considering handing them out only during midterm and school holidays to ensure the children have food to eat when home.
Many families depend on the food packs to feed their children not only during the holidays, but also for the children who do not attend school. As you can imagine the staff at the WKW centre are feeling the pressure having to turn families away daily who are requesting food. We would love to be able to replenish the emergency relief fund and relieve some of the burden the staff are experiencing. 

$40 can provide a basic food pack to a family for one month.   We ask you consider donating the cost of a food pack or if you are able to a few packs.  

We are so grateful for your support.

Donations can be made buy clicking on the link below. 

Donate here to the Food Relief Drive  



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