Christmas Newsletter 2017

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Our Christmas Newsletter 2017

Most of this year has gone but we don’t know where it went. The students are on holidays and enjoying the facilities at the WKW Centre in Kibera. The centre is full of joyous noise.

Merry Christmas from all of us at WFWIA in Australia and WKW in Kibera. Thank you for your support over many years helping us to raise millions of dollars for the families of Kibera and educating their children. Let’s all have peace and a safe place to live, work and dream.

Here in Australia we await Christmas with great anticipation. It is a season filled with parties and frivolity among friends and family. Let’s not forget the estimated $12 billion dollars worth of presents bought at the shopping centres.

Spare a thought for the families in Kibera living on less than $2 per day where food feasts and presents are only in their dreams. Please think about a donated gift for our families in Kibera. A simple donation of money will ensure a family may eat at Christmas. and perhaps have food for the following few days.

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