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Yesterday, 250 packs of food were delivered to the WkW Centre and have started to be distributed to our students and families, living in the Kibera Slum.
Sister Leonida has been tireless in her efforts to maintain contact with the families and to giving them the very best support. This has been made possible due to amazing generosity of so many Australians and some great support from one of our contacts in Nairobi, Noella, her family and her friends in Kenya.The packs are approx. $15.50 AUD and contain the items below.

These packs will make Leonida’s job much easier. It was becoming impossible to get what was needed in the supermarkets and she was struggling to transport the large amount of items required.  She desperately needed help and we are blessed to have wonderful friends in Nairobi who came to her aid.

The packs will be delivered monthly for as long as we can supply them with the staff at WkW adding other essentials such as sanitary items and more soap. If it is needed they will be adding more staples for larger families. Each family is being contacted to pick up there pack from the centre.

Please spare a thought for Leonida who goes every day to the WkW Centre. The staff is joining her as much as possible but often she is alone. Unfortunately she has had to isolate at the convent where she lives, so she does not bring the infection home to the community but she is happy to do this, as the families need her. I wish I could be there to stand beside her but hopefully, here in Australia, we can continue to give her the funds necessary to keep her work going.

Thank you to all who have so generously and with sympathy made the purchase of this food and the giving of medical aid possible.  The total to date is approx. $53,000.  This is a lot, but COVID-19 is not going to be over tomorrow and we have no idea of the future impact of the Virus. This money will need to sustain our families for a long time. Many may need medical attention as well.

I wish all our wonderful donors and friends good health and safe isolation. I should be on a plane to Nairobi  on the 18th after attending a wonderful family first birthday party for a granddaughter, how I wish I was still going, but I am so happy to know that, in Kibera, families will be able to eat and I am sure that they are thanking you with all their hearts.

Women for Women in Africa thank you so very much for your generosity, your kindness and your lovely notes of encouragement.

Sending you love and best wishes,

            A message from Daniel who works at the WkW Centre.
Greetings to you and your family from Nairobi.
The 1st COVID-19 case was confirmed in Kenya on Thursday 12th March, 2020. We all went into panic and confusion. This was triggered with the manner in which our government had put in measures to control the outbreak of this pandemic, and to some extent, the nation witnessed reluctance from the political class in terms of response and preparedness.
On Sunday, 15th March, 2020, our president ordered closure of all learning institutions and non-essential businesses in the country. Following the government directives, our students started reporting back from their various schools from 16th of March. This decision was meant to curb the spread of the virus in schools. There’s no learning going on, and we fear that there’ll be an extension of semesters/terms due to the disruption of the academic calendar. Students have been encouraged to study from home.A series of measures including washing of hands, sanitizing, observing social distance among many others, have been put in place to control the spread of this pandemic.Our students too are following all these directives and measures, many of them are staying in Kibera while a few managed to travel to upcountry. Majority have asked us what to expect and what to do next, but we’ve encouraged them to practice those simple measures given by the government so as to avoid getting infected. We know some are extremely poor, they can’t afford for example, sanitizers. We’ve advised them to use soap and clean water.

The main problem facing the families of Kibera is lack of food and clean water as most of them live from hand to mouth. They must at least do some casual jobs to be able to provide for their families. We’ve got approximately 250 families that we serve and all need to be supported.

All our students and their families are safe. We are always in touch with them, even as our government encourages us to work from home, we try as much as possible to know where they are and how they’re doing. Kindly, let all our sponsors know that our students, our families and staffs are safe and we’re adhering to our government’s directives so as not to contract the virus.

We are in touch with all our students and families and so, in case of any eventuality, we’ll let you but all we pray for is to be safe.

We thank all our sponsors for their love and support, and we ask God to bless them. Please remember that you’re always in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you abundantly. Stay safe.

Warm regards
Rang’ondi, Daniel Charles

Just $15.50 can feed a family for a month.
Thank you.You are making a difference to these families lives.
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