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WFWIA is very proud of the students from the Chappell Informal School at our Centre in Kibera. They sang at the dawn ANZAC Day service in Nairobi.

ANZAC Day dawned on Nairobi with the students from the Frank Chappell Informal School playing an important part in the official Dawn Service.

The students went to the memorial site with Ben, Kevina and Leonida. It was a beautiful service with Br. Russell Peters reading the prayer, Sr. Loretta sang and our students sang as well. Everyone went back to the Centre afterwards.

Kevina trained the students before the service and they performed wonderfully by all accounts.

In the words of Sr. Leonida, “Marguerite, this centre is such a blessing for the children. Every day they come and study and play. Right now there is so much noise around as they are all out for their mid-term break. It means we (the staff) work harder but that is good. These children deserve the best we can give them. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. We would not be here today with you”.

Anzac 3

Students at the ANZAC Dawn Service

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