Leonida Kwamboka


Leonida Kwamboka

Executive Director of WkW

I was working as the Principal of a women’s college, seeing how the power of education transformed the lives of girls from a poor background.  Kenyan born and bred, I didn’t experience city life until I was studying for my bachelor’s degree, and I then worked for many years in various educational roles before becoming a Principal.

When I first took on the role for Women For Women In Africa I didn’t know how long it might last, but my previous experience with educating those from poor backgrounds was the driving force behind my decision.  The joy and happiness education brought the children of Kibera, and the difference this brought to their lives, has literally got me hooked into doing everything in my power to provide this opportunity to as many children as possible.

I’m a Loreto nun and am fortunate enough to have an excellent education.  I won a presidential scholarship and hold a Master of Business Administration through the College for Professional Studies at Regis University in Colorado, USA, and a Master’s degree from the London Metropolitan University.

An education such as mine is something that the children of Kibera can only dream of.  Anything I can do to assist as many as possible gain the advantage of at least some education is the passion that drives me.  Education truly does change lives for the better, and providing this opportunity helps not only the child involved, but others in their network as well.

My dream is that the people here have access to the basic needs and the dignity that this brings.  I want them to experience the joy of being alive, being able to smile at each new day and simply be happy.

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