Sandy Kirkhope


Sandy Kirkhope


I became involved with WFWIA over 10 years ago and was on the functions committee for a number of years before I joined the board in 2018.

I always had a fascination for Africa, and spent 2 years living in South Africa in the 1970’s, working as a nurse, and also travelling extensively throughout the continent.

I have since been back to Africa quite a few times, including visiting Kibera. I’m very pleased to be involved with an organisation that has the potential to help and support the less fortunate people of Kibera, to give them a chance for a better future, and helping to give the children an education.

I was also involved with a charity in Cambodia for many years, doing similar work for the education of children in poverty.

To be involved in this charity is a joy, especially when you see the changes to the children and women in Kibera – giving them a real chance to change their lives.

You can make a difference today with a small donation, please help.

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