Glenn Smith


Glenn Smith


I recently retired after 33 years working in the area of Tax Administration both in Australia and overseas.

I first visited Kenya whilst holidaying in 1993 and returned there as part of a Rotary Club of Essendon delegation in 2008.  It was on the later trip that I visited WkW and learned about the great work being done by WFWIA.

Through Rotary and from working overseas I have been able to visit and participate in development projects in various countries of Asia and Africa.

Having previously been a Board member of Rotary, sporting and community clubs, I am pleased to be a part of the Board of WFWIA, an organization with a motivated Board that helps to develop disadvantaged people.

To be involved in this charity is a joy, especially when you see the changes to the children and women in Kibera – giving them a real chance to change their lives.

You can make a difference today with a small donation, please help.

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