Emma Whiting


Emma Whiting


As the owner of a travel agency sending many clients to experience Kenya, I felt the social responsibility to give back to this wonderful country. I have had the fortunate opportunity to visit Africa many times and on one of my earlier trips I met a lady who sponsored a couple of children through Women for Women in Africa.

I was extremely inspired by the story behind Women for Women in Africa, how they started and the work they were doing to help the women, children and families of Kibera. I wanted the opportunity to be part of this organisation and help support the incredible people who were really working to make a difference in so many people’s lives. I was extremely encouraged by the fact that this organisation didn’t just give money but actually worked to empower women to look after themselves and their families,  and that they provided education to help children break the cycle of poverty.  I met Marguerite and organised to visit the centre in Nairobi and meet the dedicated team as well as some of the children that this organisation helps in so many ways. On my return I became actively involved in helping to raise funds through functions and spread awareness to increase sponsorship.  I was then invited to the board enabling me to be part of the planning and strategy of the organisation so we can continue this wonderful work that Marguerite started.

I feel very privileged to work alongside so many incredible people who dedicate their time in helping change the lives of the women and children of Kibera.




To be involved in this charity is a joy, especially when you see the changes to the children and women in Kibera – giving them a real chance to change their lives.

You can make a difference today with a small donation, please help.

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