$13,500 Raised In Our Christmas Appeal So Far!

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It has been raining very heavily in Nairobi and Kibera has been flooded, making life even more difficult for the families as their homes became a sea of mud. However, on Saturday 14th December the sun came out and that made it wonderful for the 200 children and their families who came to the Wanawake kwa Wanawake Centre to celebrate with a talent show put on by the children and then a wonderful party. The party was organised by the Oraro Law Firm of Nairobi and attended by many of the lawyers and staff from that wonderful company. WkW was also able to contribute, thanks to the generosity of many WFWIA donors. The children sang, danced and acted out little plays, there was much-unexpected talent and also lots of laughter. It was a day of great happiness as ‘life was good’.

The Directors of WFWIA are very grateful for the wonderful donations given to sponsored children by sponsors and direct Christmas donations. Yesterday we were able to send over the amazing sum of $13,500. Hampers have been packed and distributed to families. Small eco stoves have given to the women. All the children will have received the gifts from their sponsors and other families will not miss out. Over Christmas, many of the Kibera families will go upcountry by bus or matatu to visit grandparents and family members. However, many will remain in Kibera and will enjoy some beef or chicken with their normal meal of Ugali (Maize flour porridge), beans and rice, perhaps they will make their delicious samosas. We hope that they will have a special treat and maybe an article of clothing or shoes bought from the many street stalls.

Our thanks to all our wonderful supporters during 2019.

You have made it possible for so many children to go to school – primary, secondary and post-secondary.
You have given medical support and disaster relief.
You have made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children, men and women.
You may never know these people but I can assure you that they know you as they give thanks for your generosity that gives them self esteem, hope and a future.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to 2020 and all the challenges and wonders that it holds.

Marguerite Ryan AM on Behalf of the Board of Women for Women in Africa Foundation.
December 2019.


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