The Kitengela School Project

Why build a school?

The centralisation of administration and enhanced control of teaching standards will simplify and minimise the supervisory role of WkW staff, who currently monitor school performance and student progress at 90 schools spread throughout Kenya.

WFWIA is dedicated to provide education for primary, secondary and post-secondary boys and girls living in the Kibera Slum Nairobi. Because most of the families of Kibera live below the poverty line, these children are not guaranteed to have a school to attend; or if they do, they in all likelihood would not attend a good and registered school.

The educational and empowerment activities of WFWIA and WkW until now have been largely on an ‘individual’ basis, fitting sponsored young people into the ‘best option’ facilities available. Over 200 students every year have benefited from this process and many have gone on to tertiary studies. That now totals somewhere near 2,500 children years of education.

WFWIA has now taken a major step forward in its support for the children of Kibera. It established a new Kenyan charitable foundation – Women for Women in Kenya Foundation.

WFWIA has facilitated very generous donations from supporters in Victoria, Australia which has been used to purchase 11 acres (4.45 hectares) of prime land at Kitengela (under the ownership and name of Women for Women in Kenya), an area some 30 kms and one hour’s drive from the Nairobi City Centre. This is a flourishing area with four new tertiary facilities and a large and growing middle class population.

On this land we propose to build a Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Boarding School for girls and boys. We aim to have over 1,000 students with half from the Kibera slum. The school will also provide boarding facilities of orphans or ‘almost’ orphans, ie. children who have a sick or incapacitated single parent.

The School  at Kitengela will give boys and girls from Kibera a good education, a safe caring environment, sporting and music facilities and contact with other children, not living in slums, who we also wish to attend this facility.

The boarding accommodation will provide not only a home for the children but will ensure that they get good  meals, medical attention and the chance to have the same opportunities that other children in Kenya have.

A business plan is in place for the project. An architect prepared a master plan for the site. Fencing is completed for site security and a bore is successfully drilled on site. Now we just need buildings and students!

Negotiations with a professional teaching group are underway and their input will be sought for the master planning. They will act as the school’s administrators.

A Kenyan building committee has been created and they will recommend the building stages in the development, provide full details of costs, vet all accounts before sending to WFWIA for payment and keep WFWIA fully informed during the entire project. A project manager will work closely with the Kenyan building committee.

Additional Australian donors have agreed to support the project and also provide working capital to establish a Stage 1 school operational for the tentative commencement of the 2018 school year.

The Kitengela School Project marks the next stage in our growth to an established, credible, and fully professional educational facility.

Kitengela land photos

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