Dr Michael Buckley


Michael Buckley


I am passionate about improving the lives and health of as many children and their associated families as I can. I believe that the way to relieve poverty is through the power of education.

I am a retired Medical Practitioner having worked in both Melbourne and Jan Juc in Victoria. I am married to Mandy and have no children. I was always active in sport playing and administering tennis and golf until injuries intervened.

Mandy and I supported a school and village community in Zambia for many years before hearing about WFWIA when travelling in Kenya in 2010. We were impressed that WFWIA was able to send close to 100% of all donated money to their beneficiaries in Nairobi. Since then we have been active in sponsoring a number of children from Kibera for education as well as supporting their families.

I met Marguerite and was instantly impressed with her dedication to help the people from Kibera. I began helping WFWIA on the Committee of Management in 2011 and then moved on to taking care of the database of sponsors, donors, students, families and accounts.

I am now a Director and the Company Secretary for WFWIA. I work very hard to ensure that all our efforts have a meaningful outcome for our beneficiaries in Kibera.

I love that WFWIA and WkW (Wanawake kwa Wanawake, in Nairobi) are able to put so much joy on the faces of the people of Kibera by everything that we do together. It is great to see how much we are able to help the individual children and families of Kibera.

I firmly believe that the way to relieve poverty in Kibera is through the power of education.

You can make a difference today with a small donation, please help.

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